Summer Aid for Returning Undergraduates

Please read the following information carefully, as the summer semester has different requirements than other semesters.

Some forms of financial aid are available to eligible applicants during the summer session. Grants and institutional scholarships are very limited and are typically not available for the summer term.

Summer Application Requirements

Current undergraduates who are already receiving aid and wish to be considered for the same aid for summer must complete the 2023-24 Georgia Tech Application for Scholarships and Financial Aid (GT APP).

If you already completed the GT APP but did not indicate you would attend the summer semester, please email to update your status.

Summer Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment requirements for the summer session are the same as those for the standard academic year:

  • Institutional scholarships require full-time enrollment (at least 12 credit hours).

  • Federal Direct Loans require at least half-time enrollment (at least 6 credit hours).

  • Year-round Pell Grant for the summer semester requires at least half-time enrollment to receive additional Pell Grant funds. Pell Grant awards are prorated based on actual enrollment hours.

  • Enrollment hours for HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships are based on the per hour amounts for summer semester.

Summer cost of attendance is based on full-time enrollment (12 credit hours) or assigned Study Abroad program hours. If enrollment is less than full-time, cost of attendance will be adjusted and may result in a recalculation of your financial eligibility. Any financial aid adjustments will be calculated based on final enrollment at the conclusion of the registration drop/add period.

Additional Programs

Students who elect to study abroad in a Georgia Tech-approved program must complete the 2023-24 Georgia Tech Application for Scholarships and Financial Aid (GT APP) to receive financial aid.

Summer funds for study abroad participants cannot be disbursed early to meet either program payment deadlines or student departure dates, which might fall before the scheduled disbursement date.

If financial aid is important to your study abroad plan, we encourage you to look at the many study abroad options offered through the Institute, rather than at independent programs, or programs hosted by other institutions. Financial aid is not always possible for non-GT programs and it is essentially always a reimbursement. Considerable follow up is needed on the student's part, and in some cases, we may not be able to confirm whether or not there is eligibility until after the program is fully paid for and classes have started.

Co-op students are generally not eligible for financial aid during a term of co-op assignment unless they are enrolled in credit hours in addition to co-op hours. For more specific information concerning eligibility during the co-op term, please contact your financial aid counselor.

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If you have questions about summer enrollment, or your enrollment plans change, please email our office at with your updates (don’t forget to include your GTID!).

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