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How to see your financial aid information

OSCAR is the system used to see financial aid information.

Below are instructions on how to use that system. Below you will find instructions to create your GT Account. Once created, that will allow you to access Oscar and view any updates regarding her financial aid. Please keep us updated on whether or not this did/did not work for you.

  • Visit Passport to activate your GT Account (note: you only need your name and birth date to activate your account).

  • Once you have your GT Account username, create your GT Account password. Please keep this information in a safe location.

  • After activating your account, please allow one (1) business day before accessing other GT systems, such as Oscar.

  • Should you have any trouble activating your GT Account, please contact our Technology Support Center.

How to Access Requirements:

  1. Log in to OSCAR

  2. Select Secured Access Login

  3. Select Student Services & Financial Aid

  4. Select Financial Aid

  5. Select My Requirements and Eligibility

  6. Select "Aid Year" relative to requirements for submission