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How to see your financial aid information

OSCAR is the system used to see financial aid information.

If you are a new student applicant, your GT Account will need to be activated before you are able to access OSCAR. Use the following instructions:

  • Visit Passport to activate your GT Account (note: you only need your name and birth date to activate your account).

  • Once you have your GT Account username, create your GT Account password. Please keep this information in a safe location.

  • After activating your account, please allow one (1) business day before accessing other GT systems, such as Oscar.

  • Should you have any trouble activating your GT Account, please contact our Technology Support Center.

How to Access My Requirements:

  1. Log in to OSCAR

  2. Select Secured Access Login

  3. Select Financial Aid

  4. Select Financial Aid Dashboard

  5. Select "Aid Year" relative to requirements