Transient Students

Georgia Tech (Home School) student attending another Institution as a Transient

HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship Transient Requirements

To qualify for the Georgia HOPE/Zell Miller scholarship for the term you are planning to attend as a transient student, you must submit the HOPE/Zell Scholarship Transient Form. If eligible, you will need to submit this form to our office prior to attending the host institution. We will transmit the information to the host institution via electronic submission. Your HOPE/Zell Miller scholarship will be paid through your host institution.


Your HOPE/Zell Miller scholarship will NOT pay for any subsequent semesters until the transcripts are received and articulated by the Georgia Tech Registrar's Office. Please note that the financial aid office does not accept official transcripts.

Federal Aid Transient Requirements

Procedures for Georgia Tech students attending another Title IV eligible U.S. institution as a transient (either in country or study abroad):

  • Students must provide a copy of Transient Approval Form from the Registrar’s Office

  • The host institution must complete and sign the Financial Aid Transient Agreement Form

  • The student should provide proof of registration and fee payment at the host school

  • If the host institution will not sign the Financial Aid Transient Agreement Form, then we cannot disburse any Title IV financial aid until a transcript is received

  • Awards available for Transient Status:

    1. Pell Grant

    2. HOPE/Zell Miller (Student must complete a HOPE Transient Form)

    3. Direct and PLUS loans

Attending Georgia Tech (Host School) as a Transient Student

Students who are eligible for the HOPE/Zell Miller scholarship at their home institution should follow the procedure below. No other aid (including loans) is available through Georgia Tech. Students should contact their home institutions to determine if their aid can be used during transient terms.

Students should contact their Home School’s financial aid office to request certification of the student’s HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship eligibility to the Georgia Student Finance Commission.  Our office can then access that information and award the HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship to the student based on Georgia Tech enrollment and the Home School's certification information.