Contacting Our Office

How do I get an answer from financial aid?

With 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students at Georgia Tech we see several hundred inquires each day. Because many responses require extended effort and expertise, our response time to your question will often vary.

We want to do our best to make sure your questions are answered so we’ve developed a set of tips to help you.

Tips for contacting the financial aid office:

  1. Website – We first recommend you search our site with keywords related to your questions. Our website is updated regularly and can often clarify what is needed. We also encourage you to check out our updates page, which has information related to repeated queries we receive.
  2. Email – Email is often the fastest way to get a response. Our email boxes are checked every day and can allow several staff members to work together to answer your questions.
    a. Here’s you need to know about email
        i. Check OSCAR first as requirements update regularly
        ii. ALWAYS include your 9-digit gtid number - we can’t help you without it
        iii. State specifically your question(s) and what needs to be resolved
        iv. Don’t submit documents containing tax information or social security numbers over email, we can’t accept them. Upload them through OSCAR or fax them.
  3. Voicemail –
    a. Here’s what you need to know about voicemail
        i. ALWAYS include your 9-digit gtid number at the beginning of your message - we can’t help you without it
        ii. State specifically your question(s) and what action you need us to take
        iii. If you would like a call back, please let us know the best time and the number where you can be reached.
        iv. Please understand our response times to voicemails during heavy volume may exceed 5 business days. Therefore, we strongly recommend you start with our website, updates page, and email before calling.

Contact Information

Advising Staff

contact list for financial aid
Student Last Names
A - D 404-894-4160
Student Last Names
E - K 404-894-4160
Student Last Names
L - R 404-894-4160
Student Last Names
S - Z 404-894-4160

Submitting Documents

Please include your Georgia Tech ID number on all documents:

  • Fax: 404.894.7412 (secure fax server)
  • Mail to:  

Georgia Institute of Technology
Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid 
225 North Avenue, NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0460

Visiting: Our Campus Location

Bill Moore Student Success Center
Take the elevator to the 3rd Floor
Advising hours are Monday - Friday, 9:30AM - 3:30PM

Page last reviewed/updated 7/2/19