HOPE Scholarship

The HOPE Scholarship is available to Georgia residents who have demonstrated academic achievement. This scholarship provides money to assist students with educational costs of attending a postsecondary institution located in the state of Georgia.

To be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship, students must graduate from high school with a 3.0 cumulative GPA as calculated by Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC). Students must also be enrolled in a degree-seeking undergraduate program. However, full-time enrollment is not required to receive HOPE funding.

Eligibility Requirements
Eligibility Requirements

To receive HOPE Scholarship funding, students must meet certain eligibility requirements and academic and residency requirements.

Review Requirements
Application Process
Application Process

To be considered for the HOPE Scholarship, you must complete the Georgia Tech Application for Scholarships and Financial Aid (GT App) AND either the FAFSA OR the Georgia Student Financial Aid Application (GSFAPPS) every year.

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HOPE Payment Amounts

For 2020-21, the HOPE Scholarship pays a maximum of $7,680 for two semesters of enrollment in 15 credit hours per term. Actual payment amounts for HOPE will be pro-rated down for students enrolled in fewer than 15 eligible hours.

For students who are enrolled for the summer semester, the HOPE Scholarship will pay per credit hour based on summer tuition cost in addition to the maximum mentioned above.

Number of Credit Hours Regular – Tuition Payment
1 $256
2 $512
3 $768
4 $1,024
5 $1,280
6 $1,536
7 $1,792
8 $2,048
9 $2,304
10 $2,560
11 $2,816
12 $3,072
13 $3,328
14 $3,584
15 $3,840

Maintaining the HOPE Scholarship

Students are evaluated for their continued eligibility in the HOPE Scholarship program at various checkpoints throughout their academic career. At each checkpoint a cumulative 3.0 GPA must be earned, or the award will be lost. Learn more about the requirements to maintain the HOPE Scholarship.

Maintaining Eligibility

Have Questions?

Students may receive HOPE or Zell Miller, but NOT both at the same time. Review the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships.

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