Outside Scholarships

There are many scholarship opportunities that do not involve Georgia Tech directly. These are considered outside scholarships. To locate outside scholarships, you may want to contact your high school guidance counselor, local civic organizations (i.e., Rotary, Lions, etc.), religious groups, places of employment, and the web. Here are a few places to start:

Outside Scholarships Accepting Applications

Reporting Outside Scholarship Funds

Students must report to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) any scholarships, grants, loans and other types of assistance from various outside sources, including their high school, community, civic, and professional associations and other programs. It is the student’s responsibility to provide official notification from the donor as soon as the student is offered a scholarship or award. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of any and all aid administered by Georgia Tech. Notification should be emailed with attachments to scholarships@finaid.gatech.edu.

Georgia Tech will recalculate a student’s eligibility for restricted and need based aid upon receipt of the scholarship notification. Federal and state regulations state that a student cannot receive scholarships and other need-based financial aid in excess of their financial need. Additionally, upon the notification or receipt of any/all additional awards the amount of institutional aid that may be awarded and/or the amount that will be require recalculation is determined annually based on a combination of factors including but not limited to the student's financial need as determined by Georgia Tech including a annually determined minimum self-help component; the annually determined equity packaging strategy; and the availability of funds. Regulations also state that the combined amount of a student’s aid cannot exceed their cost of attendance if the student also receives any institutional, federal, or state aid.

Checks should be mailed to:
Georgia Institute of Technology
Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Attn: Daphene Lindsey
225 North Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30332-0460

Verification of Enrollment

Many outside scholarships require students to provide proof of enrollment. We refer all requests for verification of a student's enrollment to the Office of the Registrar. In some cases, the donor's own form must be used. In others, Georgia Tech's standard form is acceptable to them. In either case, guidance on how you can obtain this information for your scholarship can be found on the Registrar's website.

Please note: enrollment verification information cannot be provided until the Friday following the last day of phase II registration for the term. (Usually, this is the Friday of the second week of class for the term.)