Private Educational Lenders

During the 2017-2018 academic year, Georgia Tech students received private educational loans from the lenders listed below in alphabetical order. The following is not a preferred lender list and is provided only as a courtesy. You may choose a lender of your choice on or off the list provided. Georgia Tech receives no benefits from any lender. See Georgia Tech's Code of Conduct Regarding Private Lending and Student Choice for further information.

The lenders offering these loans determine their interest rates, enrollment status requirements, repayment options, and any fees that may apply. Contact the lender directly for further information on requirements, rates, and application procedures.

When a lender approves a student's application for a private educational loan, the lender requests certification from Georgia Tech's Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, confirming that the requested loan amount, when added to all other aid the student is receiving, will not exceed the student's expected cost of attendance.

Associated Credit Union  
Bank-Fund Staff Federal  
Citizen's Bank  

CU Scholar

Common Bond                  

Digital Federal  
Firstmark Services  
Georgia's Own Credit Union  
MPOWER Financing  
Nassau Educators FCU  
New Jersey HSAA  
PNC Center   
Regions Bank  
Sallie Mae Student Loans  
Union Federal  
University of Kentucky FCU  
Vermont Student Assistance Corporation  
Wells Fargo