Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid policy on information sharing

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid is committed to:

  • Assisting our students in the application for and receipt of sources of financial support to help meet their educational expenses.
  • Helping and cooperating with the entities, agencies, donors, and organizations that provide financial support to our students
  • Ensuring compliance with the multiple rules and regulations that govern the control, use and release of student financial aid data.

Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid policy on information sharing

Effective January 2018, our policies and procedures for how we share information to and with scholarship/resource providers (both internal and external) have been updated. 

Student Consent

Effective January 1, 2018 OSFA will not release data without the written consent of the student or as required by law. We will assist the student in collecting the necessary information, but the student will be responsible for providing the information to the requestor.
Requests should be submitted by the student and sent to OSFA via one of the following methods:

  • Faxed to our secure server at 404.894.7412, or
  • mailed to:
    • Georgia Institute of Technology
      Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
      Attn: Michelle Alfred
      225 North Avenue
      Atlanta, GA 30332-0460

The request must specify what information is requested, and/or should include an attachment required by the  external entity.  The request should also include how the information will be delivered: 

  • mailed via USPS directly to the student at the address provided in the request OR
  • held for ten (10) business days for pick up by the student in OSFA.

If the request must be submitted via an online portal, we must have the student’s written consent before providing the information requested.
We want to ensure we are protecting our students by following guidelines, but in the end making sure the student receives any externally funded support awarded to them.

This website last updated/reviewed on 10/16/19