Appeal Procedures for Cancellation of Award(s)

The following summarizes the appeals procedures established by the Georgia Tech Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid (OSFA) and the Office of Special Scholarships relating to the procedures for a student to appeal the cancellation of awards and/or benefits associated with an institutional undergraduate scholarship, grant, student employment program and/or any other type of undergraduate student financial support provided by and/or through the Institute - with the exception of Athletic Grant In Aid.

Cancellation of Award(s) and/or Benefits

Participation in scholarship programs and/or the receipt of undergraduate institutional financial support may be subject to cancellation if the recipient:

  1. Provides false information on an application or any materials associated with an application.

  2. Fails to adhere to the terms and conditions of an “Acceptance Agreement” signed as part the scholarship award process.

  3. Fails to participate in the stewardship of the programs for which they are recipients – including but not limited to attending meetings; stewardship functions; and/or submitting Thank You letters (if required).

  4. Fails to meet and maintain the enrollment requirements; fails to attend classes and/or fails to achieve the academic standards required of the fund/program.

  5. Engages in misconduct that brings disciplinary action from the Institute;

  6. Fails to represent the Institute in a positive manner at all times, including any behavior that occurs on- or off-campus or via social media that is deemed detrimental to the Institute.

  7. Awards are subject to cancellation at any point in the term and may on a case by case basis result in a reversal of a disbursement or payment.

Appeal Procedures

Appeals shall be limited to a review of the record of the factors and any directly related supporting documentation, leading up to the decision to discontinue or reduce a student’s financial support either temporarily or permanently. An appeal must be submitted by the student in writing by the close of business on the 5th full day since the decision was rendered.

Appeals related to the Stamps President’s Scholarship Program should be addressed to the Director of the Office of Special Scholarships.

Appeals related to all other funds/programs should be addressed to the Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Appeals will be considered only for the following reasons:

  1. To determine whether the original decision process was conducted fairly and in conformity with prescribed procedures;

  2. To determine whether there was sufficient evidence to support the decision;

  3. To determine whether the sanctions and supplementary requirements imposed were appropriate for the violation for which the student was found responsible;

  4. To determine whether new Information, not available at the time the case was first heard, is relevant to the final decision; and/or

  5. To determine if mitigating factors were present that resulted in the student’s failure to meet the required GPA for sustaining a scholarship, e.g. documented mental illness (academic cases only)

Appeal Process

Sanctions will be imposed if an appeal is not filed, the deadline for an appeal has passed, and/or when an appeal decision has been finalized.

On a case by case basis, while a written appeal is in review sanctions may temporarily not be imposed, unless the welfare of a person or the community is threatened. Appeal decisions will normally be rendered within ten (10) business days either in person or via U.S. mail to student’s permanent home address as maintained by the Institute. Extension of these deadlines may be granted for extenuating circumstances.

For all non-academic cases where the sanction includes scholarship suspension or permanent loss, the student may submit a second appeal to the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management. A second/subsequent appeal must also be submitted in writing; submitted by the student in writing by the close of business on the 5th full day since the decision of the initial appeal was rendered.

The decision of the Vice Provost is final.