Loans Overview

Know More. Borrow Less.

The University System of Georgia recently launched a financial literacy initiative known as “Know More. Borrow Less.” This system wide initiative is a comprehensive plan aimed at reducing barriers to financial aid, improving students’ understanding of borrowing and reducing student debt. A goal of “Know More. Borrow Less.” is to provide students timely information about their student loans. To support this initiative, The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid will provide Georgia Tech loan borrowers with personalized debt notifications that include the amount the student currently owes and the expected monthly payment and interest costs. Remember, a complete listing of federal loans borrowed are always available to view through Please visit for more information.

Federal Direct Loan Programs

Georgia Tech participates in Direct Lending, which provides a streamlined, high-quality, cost-effective, and dependable loan program for Georgia Tech families. The Federal Direct Loan Program includes:

Direct Loan Counseling

Other Resources
Additional Education Loans

In addition to the Federal Direct Student Loan Programs, which provide the largest number and dollar amount of education loan assistance, Georgia Tech students receive funds from the following sources: