GThanks Content Tips

Here are some ideas that might help you get started writing your Thank You letter.

Tell the donor about yourself
  • Your hometown
  • Family background
  • High school and other experiences that led to your choice of study at Georgia Tech
  • Why did you choose Georgia Tech?
Tell about your current experiences at Georgia Tech
  • Academic accomplishments
  • Extracurricular interests
  • Co-op/internship/work experience
Tell about your future goals
  • Your career path
  • What you look forward to at Georgia Tech
  • What you want to do after you graduate
Tell how much the scholarship has helped or will help you
  • What the scholarship means in terms of achieving your educational goals
  • Express your gratitude
  • You can provide a photo or biographical sketch/resume to share with your donor.
Format and Mechanics
  • Date your letter
  • Your letter should be addressed with "Dear …"
  • Use your donor’s name in the salutation. (The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid will provide you with this information)
  • Type or hand write (good penmanship only) the letter.
  • Letter should be at least two paragraphs in length.
  • Your letter must be dated and signed.
  • PROOFREAD! PROOFREAD! PROOFREAD! A well written letter reflects positively on you and Georgia Tech as a whole
  • By using good grammar it provides clarity and correct spelling communicates your intelligence and attention to detail. (Use the spell checking function in your word processing software.)
  • For sentence and paragraph structure a grammar reference book will help.
  • Once your draft is complete set it aside for a while then read the letter again. Ask a friend or family member to read it as well for any errors you may have missed.

  • If in doubt, ask for help.

Page last reviewed/updated 09/22/16