Awards & Disbursements

It is important for you to fully understand the kinds of awards that are possible at Georgia Tech and to understand the information on the award letter about specific awards that are offered to individual students. Awards become disbursements in the days immediately before the first day of class for a term and also during the term. Disbursement is contingent on meeting fund-specific requirements and on appropriate enrollment. Please note that for federal and state financial aid, audit coursework does not count toward enrollment requirements. Active participation in classes is a requirement for continued eligibility.

Note Regarding Outside Scholarships

Students must report to the GT Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid any scholarships, grants, loans and other types of assistance from various outside sources including their high school, community, civic, and professional associations and other programs. It is the student’s responsibility to provide official notification from the donor as soon as the student is offered a scholarship or award. 

Georgia Tech will recalculate a student’s eligibility for restricted and need based aid upon receipt of the scholarship notification.

Federal regulations require students to report any scholarship, grant, special teacher rate or other assistance received from sources other than Georgia Tech. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of any and all aid administered by Georgia Tech.