Most of the scholarships offered to Georgia Tech students are made possible through the generous support of people who care about students and education. We need your help to communicate the importance of your scholarships to these donors. It gives the donor an opportunity to see how the gift has made a difference in your life as a student. Nothing is appreciated more than a kind letter of thanks.

You are required to submit thank you letters to each donor of your scholarships. Your letter(s) are due to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) by October 8.

Thank You Letter Format

You may hand write or type your letter. If you opt to hand write it, be sure to write legibly and use good penmanship. Nice stationary or a note card should be used. Try writing a draft before writing the final copy to help with grammar and spelling errors.

If you decide to type your letter we only accept MS Word and PDF formats; any other format will be rejected. You will also need to insert your hand-written signature into the document; no electronic signatures will be accepted.

  • Use 8.5" x 11" paper or stationery.

  • Include the full and correct name of the scholarship in your letter.

  • Your letter must be dated.

  • Provide your Georgia Tech ID number.

  • Your signature is required on the thank you letter prior to submission.

  • Always use "Dear" for the salutation.

  • Use your donor’s name in the salutation (OSFA will provide this information).

  • You are encouraged to include a biographical sketch/resume.

  • If you are writing to the donor from previous years, it is strongly recommended that you provide an update on your academic achievements such as your study abroad, internships, and/or co-op experience with the donor.

  • Photos are optional.

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Delivering Your Letter

There are three ways to submit your thank you letter:

  1. Email your MS Word and PDF formatted letter to (Please remember that a hand-written electronic signature is required.)

  2. Upload your letter to OSCAR.

  3. Fax your letter to 404.894.7412.

Need Help Getting Started?

Here are some content ideas and tips to help you get started writing your letter(s).

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Frequently Asked Questions

GThanks is an initiative to show appreciation to the donor and/or family whose generosity made the scholarship/fellowship program available. Recipients of a scholarship or fellowship will be required to write a thank you letter.

  • Late September – GThanks launch date
  • Early October – letter submission deadline
  • Early to mid-November – letters sent to donors
  • Early January – spring scholarship disbursements for students who submitted letters

Yes. Failure to comply may result in the scholarship or fellowship being rescinded and/or the loss of future scholarship money.

No. State funded scholarships/grants do not require thank you letters.

You will need to write a thank you letter for each scholarship.

Please note: some scholarships do not have a donor contact, and therefore do not require a thank you letter. If a thank you letter is required, our office will provide you with the donor contact information.

To obtain the name of the donor, please log into your OSCAR account.

Yes. It is important that you continue to acknowledge your gratitude for the scholarship. You should provide an update to the donor of your studies, new projects, accomplishments, etc. Whether or not you have already established a relationship with your donor, they are interested in your continued success at Georgia Tech!

Do not submit the same thank you letter from previous years. This is discourteous to the donor and the Georgia Tech community.

Yes. These will be sent to the donor with your thank you letter.