Receipt of Electronic vs Paper Notifications and/or Disclosures

Federal regulations require that Georgia Institute of Technology, annually obtain a student's voluntary consent in order to participate in electronic communications for all for all financial information provided or made available to student loan borrowers, and for all notices and authorizations to Federal Student Aid recipients required under 34 CFR 668.165.

Title IV Federal Student Financial Aid recipients must voluntarily consent to receive the following notifications and disclosures electronically:

1. List of Funds Offered/ Awarded

2. Notice of Right to Cancel a Loan

3. Student Account Authorization

Paper versions of these notices/disclosures may be requested by completing and submitting the REQUEST for PAPER Notices and Disclosures Form.

Paper versions will be delivered to the recipient via US Postal Service to the address maintained by the Office of the Registrar as the student's Permanent Home Address.

The REQUEST for PAPER Notices and Disclosures Form should be completed, printed, and mailed to:

Customer Service Manager

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Georgia Institute of Technology

225 North Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30032