Dean's Internship Program for Freshmen

Freshmen selected to participate in the Dean's Internship program will have the opportunity to work as an intern with an academic unit in their college and earn up to $1,250 per semester (Fall and Spring Semesters) for a total of $2,500 during the Academic Year.

  • To remain eligible, students must continue to pursue a major within the college. 
  • A College representative will contact recipients during the Spring thru early Summer to review and discuss internship options.
  • Job placement will begin in August 2016 for academic year 2016-2017 and August 2017 for academic year 2017-2018.
  • Work assignments will begin the first week of Fall Semester.
  • Students are paid bi-weekly through payroll based on the hours worked on submitted timesheets.  This award does not pay directly towards tuition and fee charges.

Participating Colleges

  • College of Sciences Dean’s Internship
    • College Contact: Dr. Cam Tyson, Assistant Dean
      • Majors: Biology, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology
  • Ivan Allen College Dean’s Internship
    • College Contact: Dr. John Tone, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
      • Majors: Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies, Computational Media, Economics, Economics and International Affairs, Global Economics and Modern Languages, History, Technology, and Society, International Affairs, International Affairs and Modern Languages, Literature, Media and Composition, Public Policy

Last updated on 03/19/18